You know this may sound cheesy and stupid but you guys really mean a lot to me! I feel like a really belong on wiki.

I'm gonna write to you guys (even Murphy and Kel)

Willis- You are such a great person. You're funny weird and amazing. 

Jessy- I am so glad I met you! Even though we haven't connected personally yet I still consider you one of my best friends on the wiki. 

Dor- You are the sweetest person ever. I've NEVER heard a mean word come out of your mouth and I love that about you! I hope our friendship continues to grow.

Murphy- You may not ever read this but I'm gonna write it anyway. You are so cool and awesome. Remember where our friendship was back in October? I really miss that. I atruly apologize for annoying you but I hope you can accept my apology! You are a great person

Kelly- Sigh, you won't even take this to heart but I'm gonna write it anyway. You were my first real friend on wiki ever since like probably August? Even though I was irrelevant as fuck and a noob you still became friends with me. You were my only good friend on wiki until I met Murphy in October. I'm sorry about what happened and I hope you can eventually forgive me for that, grudge holder lololol

Cam- Without you on this wiki, I wouldn't have any friends. You always made me feel so welcome and loved even when I was not. I apologize for annoying you at first. Remember that one long night on chat? That was the best night even on wiki for me. I truly connected with you and if that night never happened who knows where we could be? I also met Rob that night and that was cool. Beyond that I really think you are so nice. Every time I see you on chat I get excited tbh! I know I may still come of as annoying but I hope we can continue to grow our friendship. I know this is what everybody tells you but I truly mean it.