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    since my other blog failed, I'm gonna try to write a fic about us (thanks cambi xoxo) and you all can make profiles for all of us ok so call dibs on another user or two you wanna fuck up ;)

    Follow this ok:


    Grade/Position at school-






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  • ThisOnePerson

    ok bitches class is in session here is what Degrassi Wiki would be like if it was a real high school-


    Hannah-Stoner/School Whore

    Haley-Gives Blowjobs behind the bleachers 3 times a week for $10.

    Hakeem, Nate, Dave-Popular football players

    Steph, Icy, Lindsey, Kayla-Popular cheerleaders

    Kelly-School stalker

    Joanna-Music know-it-all

    Jake-Sexually active band geek

    Nick-President of the chess club


    Vice Principal-Cam

    Other Vice Principal-Camille

    Guidance Counselor-Dani

    Creepy English Teacher-John

    Cool ass Social Studies Teacher-Rob

    Sex Ed Teacher-Sami

    Other Sex Ed Teacher-Hunter

    Gym Teacher-Sarah

    Gym Teacher that touches little boys-Lance

    Lunch Lady-Spencer


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  • ThisOnePerson

    You bitches are gonna regret banning me from chat :D

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  • ThisOnePerson

    gimme it or i'll cry.

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